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1st-Sep-2014 10:07 pm - When one door closes, another opens.
Hi everyone, so, it’s official, Re/Alignment is closed. It's okay, let's all cry together. ;A;

Once you've cried, gather over here. I'm sure everyone has some questions as to how things will work out with the sequel game, Kismet Loop. Hopefully I can answer everyone's questions and allow us the smoothest transition possible.

How will the choice our character makes affect them being able to enter the new game?
It won't. Please don't be afraid to allow your character to choose whatever choice they would make ICly. Whatever their choice, if you choose to bring them to the new game, then we will work out how they end up in their new surroundings.  Even if they choose to return to their canon without their memories of Haven it will be up to you if they arrive in the new game with memories of their past CR or not.

When will the new game officially be starting?
Kismet Loop will officially launch on October 1, one month from now. This should allow everyone plenty of time to wrap up anything they want to do with End Game and End Game Celebrations.

There are a couple small things we need anyone coming to the new game to do before it starts, though.

Application/HMD – Please provide us with a link to your original application for any transitioning characters, and be sure you have an HMD page up on your character’s journal (this should already be there, as R/A mods had required this).

We are also asking that you add a section to your application of “R/A History”. You can simply copy your AC summaries to your app or into a new post on your character’s journal. We want the transition to be easy, the application is for our records only, and the added history for noting important things that happened with your character in R/A.

Subscribe – Can’t post until you’re part of the comms! Swing on by our comms and subscribe, and friend the mod journal. And pardon the dust, we’re still under construction.

Mod journal – [personal profile] kismet_loop_mods
Main comm – [community profile] kismet_loop
Log comm – [community profile] kismet_loop_logs
OOC comm – [community profile] kismet_loop_ooc
Crack comm – [community profile] fates_lemonade
Adult comm – [community profile] tempting_fate

Sign up – please provide the following information for each of your characters so we can start putting together a “taken” page for the new game, and get a definite count of who will be coming into KL. Just copy the text below and paste into your comment to this post.

Wait, you’re asking for boons and what items I want my character to have, does this mean they get to keep these things?
Probably, yes! It just doesn’t feel right taking away any final gifts that may be given by the First Forged. However, it is possible some items may not be allowed to come into the new game or an ability may get slightly nerfed. If there are any items your character will not be able to bring along, or an ability that needs to be nerfed a bit we will let you know when we reply to your tag to this post.

And please be patient. We’d like to give everyone a chance to sound in before responding. Don’t worry, though, the response you’ll be waiting for is not to accept or reject any characters, promise! Any characters that were in R/A through End Game will be accepted into KL if you decide you wish to join us.

So how is Game Start going to work?
We’ll be starting KL with an event. Characters will have a short time to sort out who all has come with them and where they are, before things start happening. To begin with I will be responding to your tag to this entry with a Group Number for each character. Remember the number for each character (we’ll also be posting it up on an ooc post before things start). The start of the game will be a group log, with groups located throughout their new surroundings. Your characters will be tagging under their Group Number for the log.

Do you have a question not addressed already?
Please don’t be shy, ask away under the “Questions” thread below.

**posted with permission of R/A mods.
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2nd-Aug-2014 11:37 am - What's to come after game's end
Hi guys, Lunnaei here.  As some of you probably know by now I'm working on a sequel game to RA.  I and a few others are working things out right now, getting basic plot, NPC's, comms, and all the logistics of a game set up.  For those of you who didn't know about this yet, I wanted to make you aware, and give everyone a chance to come over to the new game.

One of the reasons I'm creating this new game is to allow current RA muses to keep the CR built here.  Anyone currently in the game, who wishes to come to the new game will be able to keep all CR from RA (and will be automatically accepted too, apps for current RA members will be a formality "for the records"), in fact, game start will take place immediately after end game.  More details for that will be available after end game has wrapped up.

I'm posting this here for two reasons really,
1. I want to give everyone a chance to ask questions, or to sound in with things they might like to see in a sequel game.
2. I'd like to get an idea of how many characters might be joining the new game.

I'm really sad to see RA leaving even though I've only been in the game for a really short time, and I guess I'm just not ready to let it go.  I want to thank the mods of RA, they've done an amazing job with the game and all the plots.  I hope the new game can live up to the amazing game that RA has been.

So please, drop in with a comment, let me know if you have questions, anything you want to see in the new game, or if you plan to join it at all. =3
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Also HIIII I'm...basically back.  Still recovering, health-wise (gdit Fibro SHTAWP), but otherwise okay.

If there's something you did not just get a tag on from either Deckard or Thundercracker that you'd still like to, let me know.  Otherwise, I've tagged everything I'm going to.

Ping me here or on Plurk if I'm needed/wanted anywhere!
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29th-Jul-2014 10:40 pm - Hiatus -> Slowatus
Hey everyone! I'm back, but my family is coming to visit tomorrow, so I'll be on slowatus until Friday. After that it's back to normal o/
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24th-Jul-2014 10:59 am - Hiatus
I'll be out of town for a few days, so calling a short hiatus until the 29th. Since it's a short time my characters will still be around doing their usual thing.

Affects Skyfire [personal profile] wherenobotsgone.
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19th-Jul-2014 12:28 am - A hui hou kakou
Hello, Re/Al! Rose Marie here, Queen of Coincidentally Ill-Timed Hiatuses.

Just letting y'all know I will be gone from later today to the 27th, as I am going on holiday with the family to Hawaii! Taggin' ain't gonna happen, but I should be popping in on mobile plurk now and then.

Feel free to assume Rapunzel is just hanging around in the medbay, waiting to heal any injured that come in (which is what she's been doing -w-).

I think that's about it. Have a great week, R/A, and I'll catch you on the flip side!
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I know we're almost to the end as it is, but . . . I've been working 10+ hour days for the past three weeks.  The past two days I've done close to 12 hours.  Each.  All for reasons. Not gonna bother getting into them here - they're nothing bad, just how the dominoes have fallen, etc.  Thankfully, this madness should be letting up very soon.  Like by the first part of next week . . . but then I have another "problem".  I'll be pretty unreachable from Wednesday till the following Monday due to San Diego Comic-Con International.

Sooooooo calling a hiatus.  I trust you guys - Thundercracker and Deckard are both up for grabs if you guys want to include them in things your characters are doing.  Just link me to what they've gotten themselves into while I'm gone.  And no killing them.  Maiming is fine.  XD

See you guys on the flipside!  <3

Affects Thundercracker ([personal profile] notyourblueangel) and Deckard ([personal profile] thankyou4myheart).
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30th-Jun-2014 01:24 am - Jayde Memorial Event
The Jayde Memorial Event: The Zone is now live!

Part One has been posted in it's entirety. Individual monster attacks are open to players to play out. Please refer to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wiki for further questions or ideas on creature abilities and attacks!

Part Two will be posted a week from today! As per Jayde's original plot request post, the second week will mark the discovery of the Source of the event - and the resulting attack upon it and the uber-monsters protecting it. Without Strelok to lead the assault, the post will contain a handful of prompt-post enemy descriptions for players to respond to - or not, if you wish to freeform it up.

Additionally, thanks to the complexity of the source canon, our own Dragon has volunteered to assist with some NPC wrangling: [personal profile] redshirtstalker will be your generic info/helper NPC for the duration of the event.  

And another big thanks to all our helpstaff for their info gathering and fact checking for this event. While nothing could compare to having Jayde here running her event, sharing a canon that she loved, with our combined efforts, hopefully this event may be a passable shadow of what Jayde originally planned. She was a brilliant player and friend, and we won't soon forget her. <3

Thank you all who participate, and please enjoy the event!
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14th-Jun-2014 09:55 pm - Hiatus
I know this couldn't come at a worse time. Unfortunately, this was a hiatus I knew months ago that I'd have no choice but to take.

From tomorrow (6/15) to 6/23, I will be on hiatus. My best friend/sister's bachelorette party and wedding (in which I am the maid of honor and thus responsible for making sure pretty much anything and everything gets done) is this week, and I will probably be both scarce and exhausted until it's all over. I have a lot of work ahead of me and a daunting/terrifying amount of hours to put into everything. Gotta make sure things go smoothly, look great, and that my bride doesn't panic too badly (which is probably inevitable anyways). To make matters even more demanding, I have family from out of town visiting, so between them and prepping and the party and more prepping and the wedding, I have my hands completely and utterly full.

With endgame near, I realize this hiatus is incredibly inopportune, despite it being absolutely necessary. So I do want you to know that while it's safe to assume Rapunzel will be doing her normal routines, if there's anything y'all want me to backtag into, I will be more than happy to do so. <3

Catch you on the flip side, re/al!
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12th-Jun-2014 12:43 am - Game Status and Upcoming Timeline
As you have seen with Saeru's post, we are down to one full-time mod - namely myself, Goa. And while we still have our wonderful helpstaff, next week I start training for my own new, full-time promotion at work.

It has been hard enough to give this game and the people in it the attention they deserve as things have been, and I am aware we've been in a slow decline for some time. So it may come as little surprise that we are sadly announcing that this is our final open app round before End Game, which has been roughly decided to be set around the end of July.

We apologize to all the players this may blindside, and to the newer players and current reserves that hoped to have more time to play with us. Of course, this news puts a serious damper on any desire to app in, but as reserves were opened before this was decided, apps will open as-scheduled, and anyone who still wishes to join (or reapp) before the end will be welcome to do so.

It has been a pleasure playing with you all, and it has been a very good two-year run. ♥

That being said, we still have a few things left to play out before the end, and we hope you'll stick with us until then!

Jayde Memorial Event )

End Game )
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